Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Here again, now it is 2017

Happy 2017....
Yes I am still here and as always have so much to write about but never find the time or more like don't take the time.  So here I am going to try again.  Hopefully this is the year.  I have a lot of goals this year as always.  I hope to up my business game and have a goal of regular sales, I don't need to get rich but would like generate regular income from within the home since I can't work outside the house.  I have recently rearranged my home studio to be more comfortable and easy to work out of.  I am still working on cleaning it out and organizing but am so happy with the look and usableness of it.  I also converted a old camper into a mini gallery, she shed, fort, creative space, whatever is my fancy at the moment.  It truly makes me smile.  I did all the work myself and will be posting before and after photos and it's story of being remade.  I am also working on trying to clean out my whole house.  Some think I am a semi hoarder and there may be some truth to that.  I am working on it, truthfully it is a slow process though as I think it may have some emotional stuff tied to why I save things.  I am determined though, I want to remove the mental clutter.  I have a lot to post from the past, present and future so  Hopefully I can keep it up this time.  I hope you can find me and stick with my ramblings.  I shall be back soon.

Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Happy 2016

So again it has been over a year since my last post and again I hope this time will be different. I hope to be making some changes to the appearance of my blog and to have regular posts.  Not too much has changed since my last post, well I guess that's not true a lot of life has happened but I am still creating through all of it.  I am not always super computer savvy so the changes to my blog will probably take some time but I am excited to be posting again and doing things my own way.  I want to change the title of my blog to Life in Color because that seems to best describe things around these parts.  I hope you will enjoy my posts and we can live and learn together.  good day to all from snowy Montana

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Estate Sales, Upcycle, Dryer Balls

So when you are doing estate sales on a budget there are things you consider before buying. One thing I think about is how can I at least get what I spent back fairly quickly? What can I upcycle and maybe sell? What can I use for art projects? Or for the benefit of my family? Is there something we were going to need to buy anyway but I can get it used much cheaper? 
At a few estate sales this year I have acquired a lot of roving and wool yarn. While it is tempting to hoard it all this is not practical for a few reasons (we know what they are, no reason rehashing it ) I bought a few other things along with a huge lot of fiber and have been able to make half of what I spent back already. I of course plan to spin and knit much of it. It is some gorgeous stuff. Today though I thought of another way to earn some of the money back. I used some of the natural roving to make dryer balls. I read that for maximize benefit you need 4 to 8. So I am making 8 of them. They are in with a hot water towel load and then will go in with a hot water sheet load. I don't want to waste a load on just dryer balls. I have heard good things about them. They not only make your clothes dry faster, less wrinkled and smell nice with a touch of essential oils but the big thing is no more chemical laden clothes from a fabric softener. 
So these usually cost as much $8.00 a piece. So that is $64.00 plus no need to buy fabric sheets. So now I am ahead on that purchase. So now I get to hoard the rest with no guilt. :) kidding, kind of. 

Saturday, June 21, 2014

My little pony

Olivia and I picked up some my little ponies at a couple garage sales. They seemed to be pretty well loved and played with and needed a good scrubbing. So her and I cleaned them, conditioned and combed their ratty hair and then set them in curlers. We can't wait to see how they look all dried in the morning. 

Friday, June 20, 2014

Hibiscus Desk

So after pulling Olivia from school we are slowly transitioning into home school. I decided that it would be good to have a designated work space and  place to keep her stuff together. Her room is very small, it used to be my husbands office and has no closet. At first we always thought the girls would share a room but with Olivia having aspergers and her sister being quite a bit younger we quickly figured out it wasn't going to work. 
So we needed something compact. I stumbled across this style of sewing table recently at a Prarie Sister show (which is awesome by the way). I thought this was brilliant and compact. Surprisingly a few weeks later this popped up on Craig's list. It was in a bit of rough condition but I thought it would be perfect. Olivia wanted it pink which I was going to do but the pink was all dried up. I was ready to paint after doing all the repairs. I really didn't want to buy more paint or take the time to go get it. So we settled on purple. She wasn't super excited and actually I wasn't  either. It is so plain and blocky it really wasn't exciting. Then I remembered a Pinterest post that a etsy friend had sent me and thought brilliant, a big pink flower. So after many hours later and one original painting this is what it looks like. 

Thursday, June 19, 2014

More painting

The dresser is not quite in place but it made it to the studio today.  Now I am hoping that a vortex will come and gather all my business stuff in my studio and put it in my desk. 
The other is a little magazine rack. I almost got rid of it before painting as I was getting tired of projects but then while painting the dresser I figured I might as well. I went for the easier spray paint method and then distressed. Now I am glad I did it. I may end up using it for my watercolors on paper,
that way I can take them to the shop and people can flip thru them for purchasing. I think this might keep them safe. 

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

New business desk

I came across this interesting desk on a online yard sale sight. It was the perfect compact size for my art studio. See the theory is, is that if I have a "business" space I will keep better records, keep all my business things in one spot and be better organized. Remember I said theory. I was able to get the desk for $70.00, I thought that it was a decent price for me to justify purchasing for my theory. Also with a little work it would also be an investment piece. It needed a little work, a new back, some sanding to get drawers to slide easier, some nailing and it had some pretty substantial puppy teething in two places on the bottom. Fairly easy fixes. It has some other issues like a bit of warping but these issues I really consider character traits of an old piece and really don't mind. I did all the repairs along with painting the bottom. The puppy chewing really need to be filled in and covered. I was inspired by a piece I saw locally. A brilliant furniture painter had combined this beautiful green with oak and it sent me swooning. I thought it really modernized the piece without compromising the beautiful oak. Old oak has so much pretty character and I felt this color was the perfect compliment. I painted it with homemade chalk paint, did a burnt umber rub and finished it off with a beeswax finish. I then lemon oiled the wood. I am totally in love with this piece and can't wait for it to organize my whole busniness. If only it worked that way. I will take a photo if it in it's home and post it tomorrow.