Monday, March 12, 2007

Just finished some silk scarves. The horse one was a commission piece bought to donate to our local Chamber of Commerce dinner. The Iris scarf and the Cherry scarf are in my most popular size 11x60. I just finished these two pieces for my etsy shop. On March 14th I have a showcase spot. I have been filling up my shop with some new pieces including these two scarves, ACEO cards and some new watercolors. Take a look and see what you think.


ShyViolet said...

I love your work! You have a great sense of color, I just love the colors you've used in these and especially in the flower watercolor-salt painting in your previous post. Beautiful!

Mama Trep said...

Beautiful scarves! I love love love these! There is so much motion in that horse!
I have tagged you! Your link is on my blog...please just go check it out, I know you have been tagged before.
Best Wishes
from Mama Trep