Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Here is an example of some of my watercolors. The floral you see is a negative painting. This is where you first drop in color on a wet paper, salt and let dry, letting nature take it's course. When it is dry you go back in and find shapes and flowers that you now define. This is a very fun process and the results are pretty and slightly abstract.
The fruit is also a watercolor. This too is done on watercolor paper. The colors are very fun and bright. The black or darker outline really make all the colors pop. Paintings done in both of these styles can be done special for you collection upon request. They can be shipped to you safely with no framing, that is left up to you and your own personal style and decor.
Please check out my new squidoo lens. You can leave feedback and rate me if you would like. It is a work in progress, So please keep checking back to see all the great changes. http://www.squidoo.com/mattosfineart/ Thanks.