Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Yes, this is two days in a row I have posted, a new record. The fires here are blazing so it has been very unmotivating to go outside. The days are grey and smell like a campfire. There is ash on our cars and the sun is red. We are two weeks in and probably have another month or so of this. ugh

On a brighter note I have listed this new painting on etsy. This painting was taken from one of my flowers from my gardens when there were brighter days. I hope you enjoy and please visit my etsy shop to see more.

Monday, August 6, 2007

Another new wildlife painting.

We love camping as a family. We live in a very beautiful place in Montana, where camping is literally under an hour away. Our three kids love it, they have so much fun and get as dirty as humanly possible, we eat great food and have wonderful quality time together.

On one of our camping trips a bull moose walked leisurely into the river to get a drink and posed for many snaps of our cameras. Then proceeded to come towards us like we didn't exist and walk through our camp. It was quite amazing. This painting is of that very moose taken from one of my photos. He was so beautiful and awesome, I hope this painting does him justice. He will be available in my etsy shop soon. Let me know if you want first dibs.