Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Views from my Laptop

Well after the big snow the other day, it has turned cold, 3 degrees to be exact. I can't complain though, my kids are home from school, the fire is going and these are the views out my window while sitting at my laptop.

Whew... I am Finished

I just finished a commission piece, it is on a 3x4 foot canvas. That is a lot of paint. I have used a new technique that I really like, lots of bold strokes and a spray bottle of water. I love the effect. This piece is of flowers called Bitterrroots, they are the Montana state flower. The more common variety are pink but to go with the clients decor we went with the more rare white ones. Even though the flowers are white the painting is definitley not lack in color, I had a lot of fun with the background. I hung it on my wall last night as the true test to see if I was happy with it. It passed, I wanted to keep it and leave it there. I will be sad to see this baby go.

Monday, November 19, 2007

I love Snow

Been snowing since yesterday and is snowing all day today. The kids and I have had so much fun playing in it. I took some pictures, it is so beautiful outside.

I am naming my photos... No bath for the birds today.... , Remnants of Summer & Rose Arbor Hope you enjoy and wishing all a great winter.