Thursday, November 29, 2007

My First Knitting Project

I luv it, it is so fun. I recently learned how to knit through the combined efforts of my friend from Germany, my friend from Finland and my mama from down the lane. It has been a lot of fun. I learned to knit the continental way and have come to learn there are many variations to way people knit. I started out this, my first project small, I was going to make a scarflet (a very narrow scarf that just goes around your neck). Well I got excited casting on and decided I would have to make something else, because of course I didn't wanted to rip it out. So it became a capelet, Yes I like words with let on the end. :) Now the problem arose that I didn't have enough yarn that really matched to complete the project. (I recently bought yarn from a second hand store that supports a battered women's organization, that is how I rationalized buying so much). It was a very nice quality wool yarn but didn't really go together much, so I improvised, I continued knitting with two strands of different yarn and carried the purple mohair throughout. I did random stripes and random knits and pearls to go with the whole mismatched theme. My mamma taught me how to crochet a ruffle on the end, again with a different yarn and to felt a flower. So now it is complete with a vintage button and all. I am wearing it now while I type and can't wait to start on my next project, considering legwarmers using four needles, must challenge myself you know.