Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Something special

Something special
Originally uploaded by Bella Cosa Art
See my new fabulous necklace. This was a special surprise that involved three great people. Thanks to all of you for making this so fun. My mom helped out on this end, she sent me on a treasure hunt to find this and I was so surprised. This necklace is so fab and is a stunning work of art. Thanks sabre, the master mind behind the plan and the creator of this necklace that 'belongs to me". It made me feel special. By the way, if you need something special for yourself check out


missknits said...

awww how awesome!!! sabre is such a giving person and a wonderful friend! the necklace is stunning and you totally deserved it bella! :)

liquidsabre said...

Well what was I supposed to do??? huh?? She said it belonged to her. lol :O)

HUGS baby glad you love it!!!!