Thursday, February 21, 2008


The longer I am here, the braver I get. I thought it would be nice to add a personal touch to my blog and to my art in general. So here is a picture of me working in my studio. If you look at some early posts I have given some sneak peaks of my studio but this is the first time you will find me in the picture. I am right now working on some large commission pieces. This is my first triptych, it is fun and challenging, but a little tedious at the same time working on three pieces the same, because when I finish the background on one I have two more to do. I am very happy with the way it is turning out and will post the finished project soon, I hope.

Sunday, February 17, 2008

The Addiction of Knitting

I was warned but didn't listen and now I fear there is no turning back. Knitting has taken over.

I have found it so great to take along everywhere. I have three kids, so I find myself always waiting and supervising, now I can multitask during those times too and knit away. I find it calming. My middle child has Aspergers (high functioning Austism) I have to accompany her on different things and also supervise a lot of activities, such as cleaning her room. Knitting helps me to stay more patient and still be able to focus, guide and encourage her through given tasks.

So to make my second project a challenge, I decided to try my hand at double pointed needles and use four. Sooo fun. I am still using yarn from the second hand store and some great wool hand dyed fiber from a local place in our town. They have the best colors.

I have already started my next project, a cowl.

So here they are my arm warmers. What do you think?