Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Some things don't always work...

As an artist some paintings work and some don't. When this happens you of course are not going to throw out the canvas, at this point you have two options, gesso it back to white or paint it some other backgound color. In this instance, I painted it black with glimmers of the original painting color peeking through here and there for some warmth. So now I am making a fresh start with an interesting background with some fun texture from the previous painting.

I have drawn out a tulip in white from a photograph from my yard. The tulip was originally pink but I am not sure what color I should paint it yet... back to the studio to find out, will post another picture after a bit.


Anonymous said...

The photo is beautiful...can't wait to see the painting.

Anonymous said...

I have such a hard time painting because I'm such a perfectionist. I used to do watercolor and acrylic. So hard to do a re-do with those kinds of mediums because the paper can only take so much.

I like your painting so far. It like how the red tones are poking through.