Saturday, March 28, 2009

New Painting in shoe series

This is the second installment in my shoe series. The shoes are so fun in this one. I liked painting them as much as I like wearing them.

This and the others can be found for sale in my etsy shop , but soon the will be gone. The are going to a show for all of June and July.


paint1chris said...

The painting is wonderful and its a great subject for a series.

missknits said...

oooo love it bella!

Dorana said...

bella what a wonderful collection! make sure to blog about your spoon upcycling series! that last one was amazing! you know, tuscan landscapes and wine decor are really popular these days! you should do a canvas of the spoon you made for fairy but maybe in tones of red and gold for it to really pop - like a vineyard! bet it would really be a great hit for you! i can see them in kitchens everywhere!

and OH! LOL

i've awarded you a BLOGGER FRIENDSHIP FRIDAY AWARD for all of your love and support! come check it out!

siempre- dorana