Thursday, May 14, 2009

Sunflower Recycle art

Recently a customer came and purchased an Eco art piece, an acrylic painting of a sunflower.

These pieces have been fairly popular for a number of reasons. One is the recycling, green aspect of the art, these paintings are painted on brown paper grocery sacks from the store. Not only is the recycling part of it cool but it also has a nice look, the warmth and texture of the bag is appealing. Another reason is that it is unique and different and these are very easy and economical to ship to the buyer. The sunflower has been my most popular one. I think I stumbled on a nice color combo and loose way of painting them.

So back to the beginning of this story. The very nice customer was kind enough to write a awesome article on my shop that I would like to share with you
I thought Sue did a lovely job and I wanted to thank her.