Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Cigar box Art

My newest recycle, reclaim, reuse, Eco Art project in my shop. After painting on a wooden piece found at a second hand store, I was asked to find a wooden cigar box to paint on for use as a jewelry box.
After searching hi and low, I found a beautiful vintage one. I approach these projects in the same way I approach a canvas painting, this is not a technique painting or even like tole painting, it is an original painting just on a different canvas. I have many more wooden things to paint on including some more cigar boxes that I found on etsy this morning, I will be getting three of them so keep checking back to see how they turn out. I have to admit this one is going to be tough to part with.
Weather update, we are finally getting snow in Montana.


nikid said...

Just pry your hands off that lovely piece of work and let someone purchase it! :O)

Quwwa said...

Great idea Bella! Makes me wanna go look for some type of box or something to paint up!