Saturday, January 23, 2010

The weekend

This weekend finds me experimenting with some jewelry designs which means new jewelry for me...Yipee and maybe eventually some that will hit my shop. Having fun with some wire and doing some simple designs. Then also challenging myself with some stamping and metal work including trying to master the art of rivets by watching youtube videos. Oh, what would the self taught artist of everything do without youtube, seriously, I learned how to solder jewelry there. So wish I could take a class but at least I am trying and having fun and mistakenly making some fairly cool things, at least I think so.
Not my new things from today but some newish pieces. Can you tell I enjoy copper?
Oh and it snowed today, finally, enjoyed a invigorating walk outside.

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Johnnie said...

Your work is so lovely.I love copper because it is beautiful and for it's healing properties.