Monday, February 8, 2010

Creative Writing

This post is not about my art but about one of my creations in a way, well something I helped produce. This is post is not about painting art but about creative writing.
My oldest child, my son, will be 13 this month, he is such a good and kind young man. He has decided to start a blog, I find that as I read it that I need to acknowledge more that he is growing up. I am very proud of him and I wanted him to be able to read in print that I love him and I am happy to call him my son and friend (yes, I know he is 13 and I will get flack for writing this but isn't that what a mom is for).
Please take a look at his blog, comment and follow if you like

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nikid said...

You are very good mother. As far as embarrassing him...that is what you are there for!!