Monday, February 15, 2010


Sometimes inspiration comes from the most unlikely places, not talking about art inspiration particularly but more inspiration for life. It has been unfortunate but lately I have been attending a lot of funerals and having many people whom I know and love pass away. I recently attended a funeral of an 83 year old, who dog sledded in Alaska and experienced the great earthquake there, she also traveled the world almost every place you could go and most of it after age 60. A true adventurer and zeal for life. Today I got a call that a 93 year old woman that I know was in the hospital. After much experience with time spent with loved ones at hospitals and having suffered so much loss lately, I new I had to make time to visit her today. So my mama and I went to go giver her comfort, smiles, a hug, and hand holding. Mary was a good spirits and so happy to see us and here is where the inspiration comes in, she proceeded to tell us what wonderful people we were, how nice and good we were. It brought tears to my eyes listening to her, a woman with so much life experience and wisdom seeing good in us, who I thought I was there to help, made me feel so warm and renewed for life. Her words weren't fancy and she repeated herself many times, but they were so heartfelt and kind, truly uplifting to the spirit and encouraging to live the best life we can and to pass on kindness at every opportunity.


Dorana said...

bella - what a beautiful gift you've given her and she's given you! i realize now more than ever how important those little moments are! :o)

siempre- dorana

HeartOnSleeveArt said...

this post makes me miss my grandmother so much. but instead of being sad and feeling the loss of her in my life- i am going to look thru pictures and remember all the good times and all the light she brought into my life. i have a mother- a perfectly fine one- but my grandmother was that female figure in my life that i learned most everything from! thanks miss bella for making me see the beauty and inspiration in her life and not focus on the hole she left in my heart. i will fill the hole with her memory :) thanks for your words. they are beautiful and you and your mother are beautiful people!