Saturday, March 27, 2010

busy, busy

This week is spent entertaining guests and enjoying family, it is fun but a bit tiring. I am working on embracing the moment and having a good time because soon the days will be back to normal. Spring break after this, doing a road trip and visiting friends, again fun and tiring. :)
Still working through my creative block. Actually got a sale yesterday, feels good to move a piece to a good home.
Sharing another quote from a friend, she was sharing stories to try to encourage me through my slump, "my second favorite artist story is about how Picasso learned to draw by being forced by his father to draw pigeons' feet all the time... then one day, after concentrating on the feet for so long, he went and drew an entire pigeon. when he showed it to his father, his father told him he had no more to teach him, & he should just keep going!" thanks Jerise. See the post below for her favorite story and link to her fantastic shop.
Picture of my sold painting above.

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