Friday, March 5, 2010

Collecting Original Art

Inspiration definitely can come from viewing others art. Too see the passion of how they create, doing what they love inspires you to want to keep going. I have recently made an endeavor to collect original art from other artists, I want to fill my house with it. With each piece I collect I grow happier while at the same time my husband shakes his head wondering where I am going to put it. I tell him "there is always wall space for art" . I wanted to show off my newest pieces, the sketches are originals and aren't they gorgeous, they are done on site in a park in New York, the color is a print, it too is beautiful, the yellow balloon is so enchanting among the city buildings. I have many pieces from this wonderful artist and super nice person, Jerise, please check out her work, you won't be disappointed.

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nikid said...

I agree: you can never have too much art! Jerise is an amazing artist!