Sunday, March 7, 2010

Recycled Wool Slipper Boots

Ok so they may look a bit goofy, a bit Robin Hood or a bit Hippie tree hugger, which maybe each of these things may exist in me to some extent.
My friend recently was in San Diego where folks dispose of wool sweaters like they do a kleenex. She hit a few second hand stores and came back with a box full. She learned two things from this errand I sent her on, one-- never buy a wool blend they lint something terrible in your machine two--it is one of the funnest projects she has ever done :)
We try to get together on Fridays, doesn't always happen but when it does we craft or knit or paint. Our last two Fridays has consisted of making things out of our felted wool sweaters.
I will be posting pictures of our projects, but these are my most used, they are incredibly warm and comfy. We both made a pair out of one large mans sweater, hers are out of the arms and mine out of the body.
And Yes, by the color of my legs you can see it has been a long winter :)


nikid said...

ROTFLMAO!! I cannot believe those are you legs!

Dorana said...

what a freaking great idea bella! if only i knew how to work with yarn! NO MORE NEW PROJECTS FOR ME! LOL

siempre- dorana