Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Song of the Day

Flipping through the TV just now, I heard this song, one I have not heard for quite some time but remembered what a great message it had and how it made me feel when I say along. I think this moment happens too many times for so many people and I think we need to hear it and maybe hear it again and maybe shout it or just sing along. It is a sad thing to get stuck in a moment and let it run and ruin your life. I was reminded today not to let this happen and it is a good thing and as I sing it one more time, I feel the negative leave me, making room for the positive and good things in life.
Enjoy listening, listen to the lyrics and I hope it will help you to let go of your negative moments, leaving room for the good, blessed ones.

1 comment:

nikid said...

AWESOME! U2 IS THE BOMB - one of my all time favorites!! Thanks!!!