Saturday, May 29, 2010

Dreary Saturday

We had thoughts of going camping, but soon left that thought when we saw the forecast, cool, windy and rainy. So instead I spent the day, cleaning out the crawl space. We literally brought up every bin that was stored down there(thank goodness hubby helped to pack bins). Fortunately I had cleaned out about half of it last fall, but the task was still daunting, now though it is complete. Some things going out immediately, for summer consignment, some to be donated and a bag of stuffed animals for the Shriners to give to kids in the hospital. Some bins went back in storage for winter consignment, for my youngest to grow into and three bins that I just couldn't part with, those little clothes that I loved to see my kids in, the special ones that were gifts and made me smile. It feels good to be entering a new phase, no longer hindered by bins of yesteryear. I hope to continue my clean out and organization phase, but for now I am exhausted.

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