Wednesday, June 9, 2010

A Commission Piece

Awhile back I painted a set of rooster paintings. As an artist you paint and create work that personally you love but naturally you love some more than others. Sometimes I paint a painting that I think is brilliant and is going to fly out of my studio and sometimes I paint something that I think "It is good, pleasing to look at, but may take awhile to find the someone to give a good home to it" Well I am most always shown to be wrong, because usually just the opposite happens. I guess it just shows the diversity of taste that everyone has but regardless it is always a fun game to play with my paintings. So back to these rooster paintings, I thought they would fly out, I thought they were stunning, they had everything going for them, they were something people collect, they were french country, maybe even shabby chic... so many possibilities, but alas Hank and George hung out with me for awhile. Finally some interest was shown in George and he was actually traded to a good home. I received some wonderful jewelry from a silversmith artisan, a grand payment for a grand rooster. Sadly Hank was left behind still awaiting adoption to a good home. That day came recently. A family looking to adopt into their newly remodeled home snatched up the treasure that Hank had become. After arriving into his new home, his family contacted me and wanted to take in George also, but since George was already living a comfortable life in the home of an artist we decided to send George the II, he is just as regal as the first and is happy to be going to a good home and spending his days with Hank. Thanks to the family who took an interest in my roosters, I wish you years of happiness together.

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Thea said...

I like that your name your paintings. I name some of my little creations too. That's great that they found a home! I love a happy ending.