Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Something new..

So I have a bunch of random beads that I need to use up and I think I found a perfect way. I saw this crocheted necklace somewhere, crocheting site, jewelry magazine (who knows, maybe in a store check out line), you know how as a crafter you look at everything you see for fun new ideas. Well, I promptly went and bought some hemp, got out one of my smallest crochet needles and started stringing beads. I have to say they are just as fun to make as to wear. What is so great about them is the versatility of how to wear them. They can be a choker, a multi strand necklace, a long necklace, a bracelet or even lanyard style. I used a hook on one end and did a little loop on the other, but the beauty of the hook I used you can connect it on itself anywhere, adding to yet more subtle changes. I will be listing these on etsy very soon, look out for them, I have some great summer colors of hemp.

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Chris said...

Nice one, i love it, i might try it myself