Thursday, September 23, 2010

Good Start

Today I am painting, amongst a few house hold chores of course. The three kids are off to school and hubby to work. I am feeling particularly inspired today, there are a few reasons but one of the biggies is my daughter held my hand this morning. You may think What is the big deal. Well let me tell you. We were having a bit of cuddle time before crawling out of a warm bed, this is a regular occurrence with my 5 year old, never met a bigger cuddle bug but for my 9 year old I treasure the moment because they are much less. One, this is logically less frequent because she is 9 almost 10 after all but even less frequent because she has Aspergers/Autism. She most definitely is not one to be cuddled and affection is on her own terms and when she is ready. So this morning I reached out my hand and placed it on hers, she put her other hand on top and gently held mine. She rubbed my arm because she told me she liked how warm it was. I could cry just writing it. So this is why I have an extra boost of inspiration this morning, I feel loved and connected. The rest of the morning was usual, she won't eat breakfast before school because of anxiety so I let her have pringles and a chocolate zinger. I know not healthy but something, usually no matter what I offer she won't eat it, so I am happy with that. Don't sweat the little stuff, I say, she went to school willing and that is great.


Dorana said...

bella - so wonderful to hear about your special morning with your little girl who's growing up right before your eyes... i know you cherish every moment :o)

siempre- dorana

johnniebelinda said...

Thanks for sharing your joyous morning. A childs touch and words can make every day a blessing.
Your daughter is beautiful

basketsbyrose said...

I hope you have many more, and please enjoy them all!

Toni said...

Oh I just want to cry with job for you Bella. What a wonderful start to your day. I can't wait to see what comes from this precious moment.

The Hick Chick said...

What a beautiful daughter you have and she is so lucky to have a mom with such a beautiful heart. :)