Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Pickling Green Beans

On top of getting kids settled in school, in fact three back to school nights this week, I am trying to harvest my garden. Last night my children and I picked over 12 pounds of green beans, unbelievable. Today I pickled some, dilly beans or pickled green beans are one of my favorite things. Most of the ingredients came from my garden, I am very proud of this fact, and also I am proud to say that everything is organic, garlic, red peppers and dill. Enjoy some pictures of the project.


Amanda said...

i'm jealous! i want to do some canning! great photos! :)

Toni said...

yummo wish I was there to help eat themal p

Nicole said...

Well, I was all set to say, "I'm jealous!' and then I saw Amanda said the same thing! I wish my garden was big enough and I had the time to do all the canning I want! ENJOY!