Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Happy Customer

A happy customer is always a great inspiration. It is always fantastic to have someone find your shop fall in love with something and buy it. Oh what a feeling! A bit more challenging but equally rewarding or even more so when they love it, is when someone falls in love with the style of your work but has specifics in mind for a commission piece. This happened recently, a very nice lady contacted me and loved my still life paintings and wanted one of her own with a few specific requests. So we worked together through a few sketches, some items were added some deleted. I then did a few sketches on canvas and showed her some stages to get further approval to continue on. Lastly I came to the last stage before the finish, she was still smitten, so then I added the bold lights and darks, made it come alive and finished piece and happy customer and happy artist.


Amanda said...

love the way this piece turned out!

happy blog readers too! :)

Sisu Studios said...

I enjoy seeing your creative process!