Friday, October 22, 2010

Posting more...

So in an effort to try to post more I have stifled myself, so I decided not to worry so much and to let myself relax and be more random. You see I have had so much going on lately I haven't had a lot of time to be as creative as I want to be. So instead of worrying about what to post and having it be a "creative genius" all the time I am going to also post about what keeps me busy when I am not painting, because that too is what makes me who I am, what inspires me and thus affects what and how I create. So here goes the first of what I am sure to be many, random posts about everyday things, that make me me, the artist that I am.

P.S. This is partly the fault of two creative friends of mine, they know who they are. I told them the other night that no one wants to hear ramblings of a peri menopausal crazy woman, and they said that "those ramblings were the very best kind" LOL be careful what you wish for.

P.S.S. So for today, two images that make me smile, one is a special cup of tea that a sweet friend gave me. The other, a beautiful bouquet from my garden before they all froze. It was a gorgeous garden this year, weedy but still lots of organic produce.


Nicole said...

Cheers!! I am off to make a cup of tea now!! Great flowers! And hey. weeds are living to! (maybe unwanted, but living!)

Quwwa said...

Just do what you feel my friend, it's more than just art, it's the things that make you smile, laugh, cry, whatever...Take care and keep up the great work.