Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Murals for the new Bedrooms

So we have a nice size house not real big but not tiny. We have three bedrooms and three kids, so if you do the math, 2 have been sharing for a number of years. We also have a small office and of course my art studio, which would have been the formal dining room but instead has always been my studio. Well now the youngest is 5, a girl and our middle one is 9, also a girl and they have been sharing. Our middle daughter has Aspergers and we were finding that sharing was starting to cause some issues. So after some discussion my husband gave up his office, I reorganized my studio, made a nice window space for him, we gutted the rest of the small office and turned it into our daughters room. It is a very small room with no closet, I turned our old tv stand into an armor, we used her old bed which is raised and a book shelf that we added bins to for her toys. We have kept everything simple and organized to aid in her being able to keep it clean and not get flustered and now she has a quiet space that she can go to when she needs to decompress. It was all done on a budget mostly with stuff we already had, so to make them special I painted murals of their choice on the walls. As you can see horses and pandas are popular around here.

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Cigar box Art

My newest recycle, reclaim, reuse, Eco Art project in my shop. After painting on a wooden piece found at a second hand store, I was asked to find a wooden cigar box to paint on for use as a jewelry box.
After searching hi and low, I found a beautiful vintage one. I approach these projects in the same way I approach a canvas painting, this is not a technique painting or even like tole painting, it is an original painting just on a different canvas. I have many more wooden things to paint on including some more cigar boxes that I found on etsy this morning, I will be getting three of them so keep checking back to see how they turn out. I have to admit this one is going to be tough to part with.
Weather update, we are finally getting snow in Montana.

Monday, January 25, 2010

Ordering instead of Creating

So Monday finds me ordering supplies rather than creating anything. Ordered more jewelry supplies, particularly for stamping jewelry. I was tempted to take the leap of buying some supplies for enameling some of my pieces to be used in my jewelry but just not quite ready yet. We will see what this week brings though, may not be able to hold myself back, the temptation of adding more color to my pieces may become overwhelming because as you can see in most of my creations I love using color.
The upside of all of this ordering besides getting fun things to play with, is that I had enough money in my business account to pay for it. That means I have made enough off of my paintings and art jewelry that I can buy my own supplies. That always feels good as a creative person, especially someone who has a family and does not want to take out of house money.
Today's pictures are of some pieces, I have for sale locally, but would be happy to recreate these for you.

On a personal note, Monday also finds me advocating for my daughter who has aspergers. Trying to talk to the school to get some things in place to help her want to be there more. So the struggle to try to take some anxiety out of her day continues, PE and lunch recess are her hurdles that have to be lowered for now. You never know where life is going to take you, so make the most of everyday and every good opportunity. I also doctored my son, who feels he has a cold coming on and played a matching game, colored a picture and have started a reading program with my youngest. Man, I am spent (in a few ways)...