Saturday, February 6, 2010

Spring Studio Sale

So as most creative folks experience eventually supplies and product start to accumulate. Well I am at that point and having recently merged my husbands office with my studio (we converted his office to one of our daughters rooms) the space has become smaller. So because of need for more space and wanting to buy some more supplies....(shh I know I said more) I am having my biggest sale yet. I am marking down some of my original canvas art paintings. I am happy to say that one has already sold to a high school friend I recently reconnected with on facebook. So if you have wanted a piece now would be the time. I am marking them down for the month of Feb because in March I will be pulling a bunch for a local showing and I am hoping not to bring many back. I am also will consider reasonable offers on pieces, so please get ahold of me if you would like to discuss purchasing a painting.