Monday, April 19, 2010

Etsy Voter

I am excited to say that I am in the etsy voter "Which item should be Featured on the Daily Green"
I am really hoping to win and have been quite obsessed with it. I was nominated by a dear etsy friend of mine and then chosen by Etsy powers at be. I am among 60 other fantastic etsy recycled items. There is less than 22 hours to vote, I would love to have your vote here on my recycled hand painted sunflower spoon
Thanks for your support.
I have a whole recycled section in my shop of paintings painted on recycled material, with many more to come

Sunday, April 18, 2010

A Very Special Group

As many of you know I have a shop on Etsy. Not only is Etsy a place to buy and sell hand made items it is a place to meet other artisans, to chat about your crafts and business, to vent, to get advice from how to clean something to how to clear up warts, it is also a place of encouragement and support in art, business and life.....
Over a year ago I found a group that takes all of this to a new level "The More Meaningful Gifts" BNR thread
Here is a group of people that are always supportive, always so smart, always there for encouragement, and always there to help you out, believe me I am a recipient of all these things.
I highly recommend this group to others, they really are the best.
(disclaimer: I know many others on etsy too and belong to a few other groups and I want to say to you that you are no less special to me, if you are reading this you know who you are)