Thursday, October 28, 2010

Studio space clean up....

So it again became time to clean my studio, this seems to be a reoccurring project because I have trouble keeping it that way. I always have a project spread out on every flat surface, new supplies needing a spot, things I know I will use some day (she said with a smirk) (those are hubbies favorite words, not) and just general mayhem. So it had turned into a hurricane size of a clean up, space for walking was getting limited. Recently hubby had to give up his office so we could separate our two girls that were sharing a room, it just wasn't going to continue to work for them or us. Since hubby had to do the sacrificing of the room, I offered to redo my studio to fit him in and I offered to do all the work of redoing the rooms, which I did. I revamped furniture to make it work for my daughter, I painted a mural for her, moved all her furniture in and presto she had a beautiful little girls room. Then I set out to rearrange my studio, we got a small desk and moved hubby in. He was never happy with it though, never really felt his and he was right. We tried and had good intentions, we moved in some of his decorations, the desk, computer, his curio cabinet with his tin toys but he never moved in himself. So it all sat and collected piles, the computer was never hooked up and he never sat at the desk (plus he has a laptop, explains some of that). I had all these high hopes of sitting side by side working on our projects together but it was never going to happen. So he said take it all out and I have. I gave him a shelf to store all his office things, the computer, printer and desk will go. We did though compromise and move his curio cabinet with vintage tin toys to our bedroom, for now a piece of him is staying and he is happy and it actually looks ok in there, not my first choice of decor for the bedroom but because I love him, it looks great and now I smile when I see that piece of him there. (good thing our bedroom is eclectic vintage, kind of traveled look) So anyway this is where the story ends, with his things out of the studio again, I was able to do a major overall. I moved furniture and I cut lumber and made shelves. I did not spend a dime, I used things in my garage (back to the statement "No, I am not throwing that out I may need it someday) and I did. So now the studio and I have made it past the hurricane, past the initial clean up and now we will strive to maintain and clean out as needed (there are still little things to be organized). I am spending a lot more creative and happy time in here and wanted to show you the progress. Here are a couple shots of two spaces along one wall, my small easel main painting space, big easel and printer, paper cutter, storage space. More pictures to come....

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Yes, I said snow

This is what has been happening here for the last three days and I suspect more is to come.
These beautiful mountains were taken from my back deck.

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

My Sister's new massage therapy office...

So my sister LiElla of is opening up a new office, it is in the same building but is now on the main floor with all the pretty lights and windows. It is going to be decorated beautifully and will be a most pleasant place to get a quality therapeutic massage. She is very good at her job and now she will have a fabulous office to match. I did a painting for her space, it was a style and subject she picked to go with the rest of her decor, it is a large piece to go over her waiting area chairs, the chairs are paprika colored as too her window art is green and paprika, everything is going to match beautifully. So here is the painting I did for her. Love you sis.

Monday, October 25, 2010

Crook Neck

This year in the garden my son grew a crook neck squash, he planted it by seed at school brought it home and I gave him a mound of soil in the garden to plant it. I was hoping this would help him to have more of an interest in the garden, it didn't. He does help me in the garden but not with much enthusiasm, but probably to be expected from a 13 year old. His little plant did grow and gave us two little crook necks before the first freeze. Even my zucchini was late and not plentiful this year because of the weird summer weather, so we were glad for the two. My son helped me cook them up, we put some garlic, olive oil, salt and pepper on and grilled them. The skins were a bit tough but otherwise they were good.