Monday, November 1, 2010

Farewell to Summer

My creation
Originally uploaded by Bella Cosa Art
Photos taken this glorious summer with my family.

Sunday, October 31, 2010

The other side

pretty packing station
business desk, with lots of inspiring art work from my kids
love this space
jewelry station, great drop leaf table, always a little messy

Here are some shots of the other side of my studio, I have a packing station, another work table and a "business desk". My packing station is one of my favorite spaces, I don't really like packaging so I thought if it was easy and organized it might make it better, I think it will work. A new thing I did in my studio was bring furniture away from the wall, thus creating more work space and using some of the dead space in the middle of the room, this was brilliant and what allowed me the shelves for the packing station and another wall (the back of the cabinet) to hang a really cool mirror a friend gave me. I hung various shelves around the studio from lumber I already had and brackets too I had, so I spent no money, just a little labor. The shelves are great for storage and decorative. I had some glass shelves and decorative brackets sitting around for years that I used above my desk. One shelf I made out of an old wooden crate, which turned out really nice too. So overall I am happy and just some final organizing and clean out and hopefully maintaining.
See previous post for some of the corresponding images to these ideas.