Friday, December 10, 2010


A family story for the day. Most of you know I have three most beautiful, spectacular kids. Well, I am a very hands on, talkative, cuddly mama. For my five year old she loves it,for she is the same way. For my 13 year old son, well you know how they are, but I still make him kiss my cheek and give hugs, no matter how old he gets he will never be too old to do that for me, I do cut him a little slack in public. Then there is Olivia, she is the opposite of me, with the aspergers and such, affection is hard but we have helped her to show more and hug her family and show her love and now she wants to more on her own or with little prompting. Anyway the point of this story is, I just went over to cuddle her for a minute, she has been sick, so I just wanted to check in with her on how she was feeling and hold her a minute, so she let me for a bit and then very softly and kindly said, "Can you leave me along now, Please." I said "sure, thanks for the cuddle", she said "your welcome".
Later in the morning I call Olivia to see if she wants to look at how far I have gotten on the family puzzle we are doing, so she comes over and I show her and she says, "Wow you are really good" I say thanks and start to talk again and she says "now can I go back to watching tv" I say "yes" and thanks for looking she says "welcome".
I think that it is a good start to any day.