Monday, November 7, 2011

The leg warmer craze continues....

Now that cold weather has crept in again, ugh, I have already gotten out my recycled, felted wool. My friend and I made french press coffee cozies last week. Soon I will be making another pair of the best, warmest slippers in the world, this time with suede bottoms so I can't wear them out so fast.
For the first time I have been selling some of my goods that I have been making out of the recycled sweaters. A little over a month ago, at the first sign of cold weather, I took some leg warmers and arm warmers down to the shop where I rent a spot. I am so happy to report that I sold two pairs so far. yipee I am so glad that someone else loves them as much as me, well, actually not sure if that is possible, they probably just really liked them, as for me I am mildly obsessed. I am so excited I can be wearing mine again, I wear them with dresses, with pants, with tights, with leggings, tucked in the top of boots, they are really the best. Of course too some are smaller and they make the best arm warmers, they keep the wind from going up your sleeves, they are great for 3/4 length sleeves and you can cut a thumb hole in them for extra warmth on your hand. I really can't get enough of either of them and they become even cuter and irresistible with hand embroidery on them.
Here are some pictures of what I had. If you are interested in any for yourself shoot me a note. Right now I am just selling them locally but if there is some demand I can also put some in my shop.

Wednesday, November 2, 2011


I have to say it and I have to show you, Yes, I did grow these in my yard. I am so proud of my little grapes. I hope to put in more next year, I want to put in a whole row and put a few growing up my pergola over my deck (when I get it some day). I picked up this vine at K-mart one year, I have no idea what kind they are, just thought it would be fun and it was on sale. I moved it around the yard twice before it settled growing up the fence of the dog kennel. I have a bunch of vines growing to cover up the chain link to make it look pretty. This is the second year it produced, giving more each year. They are really tasty and when you pull the stem off the seed come out with it, pretty convenient. I can't wait to see what it does next year and hopefully in the spring I can plant more.

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

New Mixed Media Piece

So the other day my daughters teacher called with a special project request and only four days to do it. She would soon be traveling with her family to Florida for her grandparents 40th wedding anniversary. The family was making an album of family events, memories and photos for them. The teacher wanted something special and different for the cover and asked if I could come up with anything. I quickly brainstormed and came up with an idea. I picked up some photos, an album page and gathered any special information that would make it unique to them. I cut out some masonite and drilled holes and then went to work. The mixed media covers were filled with photos and clippings, I used things that had special meaning, including painting on some orchids that were in her bouquet. This project was so fun to do and was very nice to be included in this special memory. Here are some pictures.
p.s. I have a photo of the lovely couple holding the album will try to get it on too, later.

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Think Pink - Breast Cancer Awarness Month

I had the privilege to decorate another "pink" window. This time I helped display the inside along with painting the outside. Last year I had some notice, this year things got confused and I got notice at the very last minute, but it worked out well. It seems I work best under pressure and we got things done. Last year I did pink tulips which are easy peasy, but I wanted to come up with something different since my window also won last year some may remember and see I did the same thing twice. This year I did the window for the Stone Cottage, a new business in town where local artisans and craftspeople rent a spot to show their talents and sell their goods. It is under a year old and I was excited about doing the window because I hoped it would draw attention to it and be discovered by new folks, which would benefit us all.
So to finish the story, after receiving the email that the owners wanted to participate but it was such short notice they may not be able to, I replied to the email, of course we can do it, Monday afternoon, we will meet, I will paint the windows and then we will put the inside together, lickety split all before I pick my kid up for drivers ed. That is all it took. I grabbed a bunch of pink things I had around the house, we grabbed everything pink we had in the store from the vendors and it all came together.
The crown jewel, my window won second year in a row. Here are a few pictures to share. It is so fun to do and it is a great cause. So whatever you can do this month, if it is giving money or raising awareness by some kind of generous act, please do your part.

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Mushroom Lovers

So my 14 year old son loves mushrooms, particular sauteed or fried, particularly over steak, which is one of his favorite foods since he can remember. So whenever mushrooms are on sale I buy them, mainly for him, we all like them but it is fun to see his face light up when I tell him I am making them. I bought a batch recently that had a pair of mushrooms that had grew and merged together. I thought this was so cool and having never seen something like this before I thought I should document it in a photo. I hope you enjoy this photo and whatever thoughts it may bring to mind. It makes me think of how couples, friends and families grow and merge together in life. They still have their own stems to stand on and feed themselves but yet our lives may overlap and merge with love and unity and we become one with others.

Thursday, October 13, 2011

I am in love with these bracelets. I have been selling these mostly locally and recently sold two custom ones, one very petite and one a little bigger. I have one I made for myself years ago and always get compliments on it and that is recently how I sold one, just by wearing mine. They are super sturdy and unique, no one is ever the same. I have had them in a few boutiques and right now they are in town where I rent my spot with other local artisans. They are fun to make, although a bit tedious and time consuming but always so fun to see how great they turn out. I make them in copper, silver or gold colored wire, I do though want to try one with all three of the metal tones together, I think that would be really nice. So far I mostly use the pearls but am soon going to be trying some different beads. They sell for 47 dollars if you are interested in a custom one for your self. Next I will be trying necklaces, something about the way the beads look as if they are floating is so pretty to me that I must try more.
P.S. As I was reading back over this a new idea popped in my head, to incorporate hand stamped charms with the beads. They could have names, dates, initials. That could be really cool. I would have to charge a bit extra for the charms, but I may give this a try.

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

1 dollar box = Fantastic

So one day this summer, us as a family, were headed to a work BBQ. Not my favorite summer event but it turned out nice. On our way we decided to first stop off at what is known as the annual Creamery Picnic in Stevensville. It was ok, wasn't overly excited about the vendors, I always prefer to see local artisans, but this was mostly not that. They had some fun events for the kids, the coolest was making ice cream in a baggy, which is now something I want to incorporate into next summer's fun. (google ice cream in a bag or something like that) It was noisy and crowded and hot which made it a bit tough on my one daughter (she has Aspergers), she tried to be tolerant of those things but the balloons put her over the edge. So we had a few meltdowns and then spent some quality quiet time together in the van, which she was happy to do since I got her a new book, to ease the anxiety.
Well, anyway, we were off to the BBQ, it was quite a drive and as we were leaving town I saw a sale in a yard that was outside a antique store, so I got my hubby to make a quick stop, didn't even go in the store, just looked around outside. There were some nice things but since it was a shop they were priced higher but then I stumbled across a 1 dollar box, they are my favorite next to a free box. As you can see above I pulled out some great treasures, a vintage fringed skirt, I wore that the other day under a skirt so the fringe showed, quite fun even if I did shed fringe a lot, also 3 different styles and shades of vintage gloves (love), the greatest pair of vintage red pumps (love even more), seriously these are fantastic and fit perfect, the awesome little beaded shawl and lastly the pink feathered and flowered hat that makes the wearer resemble a wedding cake. These were quite the thrilling finds, so I happily paid my 7 dollars got back in the car and enjoyed the rest of the afternoon, hubby didn't even ask about my treasures, he prefers not to know. :)
Also do you notice the hot pink shaggy wool rug in the background, yes that was free too, got that from cleaning a friends garage. She had a pile in the corner of odds and ends, there was this rug and a white one (they are big) under some other rugs and comforters. We pulled out the pile and the top ones were awful and soon became garbage, I can't even tell you the smell but somehow these rugs were not bad, I pulled them out, they were a bit dirty and had fallen leaves on them but they didn't really smell, whew they were salvageable. So I took them to the laundry mat, ran them thru, of course putting too much soap in them and causing bubbles to fill the floor but they came clean. I laid them out to dry for a few days out side and then vacuumed them a ton and waaala two great big area floor rugs, they are fantastic and free.

Monday, October 10, 2011

An Ode to Summer

Where did the time go? It went so fast and our summer was so short. At least we made it a lovely one. I spent a lot of fun days with the kids and those are my most cherished. I know each summer will change and before I know it they will be gone, so I am looking to enjoy our family time together and make great memories. Next summer my son will be driving, ugh, so hard to believe.
So long endless summer days, you are missed already. Welcome fall, I hope you linger awhile before winter sets in our valley.

Friday, October 7, 2011

New silk scarves

Finally painted some new silk scarves. These start out as white silk and all the designs and art is added by me with silk french dyes. The dye is set so that they are quite sturdy, wearable and washable for years to come. They make great gifts as wearable works of art and are so easy to ship. If you are interested in any designs, please let me know via this blog. I also occasionally have these in my etsy shop.

Monday, August 8, 2011

Clothes Line

clothes lines
Originally uploaded by Bella Cosa Art
I have always loved images of clothes lines. So graphic and colorful and they can show up anywhere.
1. clothes line, 2. clothes line, 3. Clothes line, 4. Clothes Line - Helsinki - Finland, 5. Vernazza through my eyes, 6. The clothes line

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Weekend redos

Here you can see I cut off the drawer front to make a little desk top.

Above is the dresser before, I got it from a garage sale (I think it was in many) and it was blue for a boy. I painted it the lavender color for my girls room. I recently got an antique dresser and matching vanity and so this dresser was no longer needed in their room. I first painted it silver and really wasn't working, so I went with a hammered metallic brown and black to show off the lines and then I free handed the poppies on it. It is sitting in my entry.
I wasn't quite ready to part with this dresser, I really think it is the legs that sold me on it. So I thought I would repurpose it. I cut off the drawer front to make a drop down desk for bill paying. It didn't turn out quite as I had envisioned but still not bad, it works. The first color I chose did not work out at all, so I went with this and I really like how it turned out. The final step is to trade knobs with my mom, she has red ones, I think that will definitely complete it.

Friday, August 5, 2011

Corner of front porch, sweet rocking chair
I have a little stone area in the flower bed where I have a bistro table, this is hanging in the tree next to it.
Flowers from hubby came in this flower market tin, it looks great with a pot in it.
I planted blue flax one year, it is so pretty and now it sprinkled throughout my beds and property.
One of my beautiful hanging baskets, can't get enough of them.

So yes I haven't blogged all summer, pathetic and really it is because if I stop being so picky I have lots of little things, interesting tidbits (at least I think) that I could blog about.
So in order to get started again, I thought I am just going to keep it light and easy until I can get into a good solid routine. Today I am blogging about one of my favorite things, flowers. These are all photos taken from my front flower garden as you walk to my front porch and door. Hope you enjoy them as much as I do. Many more to come.

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Get your Hats and Horses Ready...It's Kentucky Derby Time

In honor of the Kentucky Derby this weekend, I thought I would reminisce about horses. I grew up with horses and riding. My dad still has horses, he is also my neighbor and while I don't ride much I still like to go over and pet them now and again, in fact my dad just had two foals, one of them is so friendly she is more like a puppy dog. My daughter who has aspergers has always loved them and did equine therapy for a few years, which I think was very beneficial. I also have a very fond memory of going to the horse races with my grandmother, we dressed up, sat behind the glass and had a glorious lunch together rooting for our favorite horses based on looks and colors they were wearing. Funny how certain things are a part of your life and come in and out. Now I also enjoy photographing them and painting them. In honor of horses and this weekend here are a few recent horse paintings I hope you will enjoy.

Sunday, April 17, 2011

On vacation

So right now I am on vacation in sunny California, beside having fun things to do we have dear family and friends to see and stay with. A definite highlight of the trip is some beautiful sunny weather, it is warm and bright, the plants are green and blooming, sooo rejuvenating after such a long winter in Montana which seems to still have a grip.
While I was here I was notified that I was featured on this great blog. I think the article turned out really good. I hope you enjoy reading it and please leave a comment if you like.
Artsy Shark

Monday, March 21, 2011

The finished zipper bags....

Finished three for myself. I am using the green one for my purse now. I made two others because I have a feeling my girls will ask to use one. They are kind of hard to make, at least when you get to the ends, the sewing the edges with the zipper ends gets a little tricky, but I love how they turn out. I am just making these for myself and as gifts, not to sell, it is too tricky to get the stitching perfect and I just wouldn't be happy with them.
So two happy things, I have three very cool zipper bags and the sewing machine is off the kitchen table again for awhile.

Friday, March 18, 2011

What I am doing right now...

As usual I have 50 million things going on....but have decided right now I am going to sew. I purchased two bags of zippers at a estate sale this summer. Now these were not some ordinary bags, but two large bags full of probably over 200 great colored zippers. I have finally dived in and separated them by size. With the smallest ones I am making makeup type bags out of them. The first one I gave to my mama for her trip to visit grandma, the second I gave to her to take to my dear cousin who is getting married. They are so bright and fun, I thought it would be great to be thought of each time they use them. So now I am making three for me, since I have two girls I decided at least three was a must. I want to get the machine off the kitchen table so I am going to try to finish them now. I will show you pictures soon, until then here is where I started this weekend.

Monday, March 7, 2011


Originally uploaded by Bella Cosa Art
I cleaned off my dresser which had become kind of a catch all of really things I didn't need. I have the most beautiful collection of pink depression glass given to me by my sweet mother in law. I have quite a collection of new and vintage jewelry, that was in boxes and not getting worn like it should, so it needed to be out. You can see the vintage magazine purse another great gift from a friend. The wreath above with the cream flowers are actual flowers from our wedding cake. The mirror on the wall is from Pennsylvania that I picked up at my husbands grandparents house, it was always fun they would let you scourge through their storage area and take what you want, found some cool treasures that way. Painting by me. Love flowers as you see. Doily was made by my great grandmother, I have a huge collection from her. You can see my favorite perfume right now, Gucci Envy. The dresser was 5 dollars at a garage sale, pulled it out of their garage, did minor repairs and painted it. The mirror on the dresser was a vintage find and is octagon. I love my dresser now, it makes me smile. It also has inspired me to decorate the rest of my house around the things that I love and already have. Will show you the inspiration soon for our bathroom.
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