Tuesday, January 25, 2011

frozen morning

frozen morning
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So today we get the call at 6:11, school will have a 2 hour start delay. In theory that call would be fantastic, we can all sleep, right. I don't know about you, there is no way I can fall back to sleep. So instead of getting up and getting stuff done early in the morning before the rest of the family rises, I choose to lay there... It was nice to have everyone home for awhile this morning and not have the big rush. I was glad the school made the call because everything truly was a sheet of ice. The only glitch is it sets Olivia a little out of sync (she has Aspergers) I never realized how much she likes her routines (mostly because she tries to transition as well as possible and usually when it is just the family and has our support she does it easier) but when it involves other activities and places such as school which already causes extreme amounts of anxiety she buckles more. So this morning was her day to bring snack, she didn't want to take it now because she felt it was too late, this finally had to be solved by calling the teacher and finding out they were indeed going to have snack time. Then I got the barrage of 20 questions. "Will I be getting there late?" Will school have already started?" and so on. She hates having to arrive at class after it has started, not sure if it is just routine or the fact it draws attention to her, but she would rather not go. So after I patiently answered all her questions, she felt a little more at ease and I am sure after getting there all is well. So that is the start to yet another day. I am already feeling a bit tired.

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Amanda said...

oh, i'm the same way - i can't stand arriving late to anything. i'd rather not go than arrive late.