Friday, January 21, 2011

The puzzle

Nostalgic, comforting, calming, brain exercise, family time or just plain old lady.
So I recently completed this 1000 piece puzzle (probably the hardest one I have ever done). I got the puzzle bug recently on a family ski trip, some friends always bring puzzles to do in the condo, as I started putting pieces together, I was hooked again. So I came home, got out some childhood puzzles out and ventured to the second hand store to pick up a few more. See puzzles have history in my family, my grandma enjoyed doing them and my aunt used to give me really cool ones for presents. I thought it would be fun to have one out on the table so we all could go and come from it and maybe the kids would like it and we could spend some time together putting it together. That last bit happened a little, my 13 year old, really wasn't too interested so whenever he placed a piece it was rocket science. My 10 year old, looses interest fast but at the end, loves helping with the last 20. It is actually my youngest who just turned 6 who shows the most interest and some great promise of being a life long puzzle person, she can really locate a piece. So the puzzle spell was fun and I am kind of missing one on the table. Anyway, I was thinking as I was finishing the puzzle, after crocheting and knitting with one of my dear friends who happen to that day turn 69, hmmm I thought "Am I an old lady" , she told me it wouldn't be a big transition at the rate I was going. haha


paintingpam said...

Oh, Puzzles are fun. Glad you found who loves them in your family.

Amanda said...

i love puzzles! i had a couple of cool ones as kids - the most memorable was in the shape of 2 dolphins: it had a dozen or so special pieces in the shape of fish & marine animals. :D

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Dorana said...

we've always done puzzles together - its one of my favorite memories with my grandmother - what a wonderful tradition ;o)

siempre - dorana

Angie said...

Reminds me of when I did them when I was younger. The hardest was this one of two cats...prob took me a couple years coming and going from it. In the end, because it took so long - and mostly because I was young and careless - a lot of the pieces got lost.