Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Recycling for Art Sakes

I would consider myself mainly a canvas artist, but I find it hard to limit myself. In the last couple years I have challenged myself as an artist to take the same time and techniques that I apply to canvases and put them to work on recycled finds. This can include and certainly not limited to, recycled siding from my parents house, silver spoons, brown paper sacks and various wood objects, bowls, boxes, platters and so on. This can take some time and elbow grease that may not be thought of. For example I have to shop, scrounge and rummage to find them (actually one of the funner parts). Then I have to prepare the objects (not as fun). This can include sanding, bending, stapling muslin or prepping things with primer, again with a and so on... added to that. Probably the most frustrating part is that many things are much more porous than a nice store bought primed canvas. So I have learned through trial and error most things must be primed and also still take layers of paint. Of course after that it takes many coats of varnish to make it lasting. I must say though after all this hard work they really do turn out nice and it is fun to turn a discarded or well used piece that is now unloved into an original, one of a kind fine art piece that I hope will be well loved for years to come.

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