Saturday, February 12, 2011

Silk Scarf Painting

Originally uploaded by Bella Cosa Art
So I got so stressed this week I succumbed to one of the various sicknesses lurking everywhere right now, Big Downer. Woke up with it Wednesday, didn't do much and by Thursday I was completely down and out. As many of you know it really only takes a day before the house looks like a hurricane hit if I am not there to keep up on things, sad but true. Finally Friday I felt better and cleaned the kitchen and cleaned out a few more cabinets (I am trying to clean out the unused clutter in my house, a big job), picked up the kids from school, picked up milk and got gas. I may have over did it a bit but I was getting so bored I thought I might explode. Still not feeling very good today but we have plans for bowling and pizza with friends and I can't disappoint the kids. So I will take some drugs and grin and bear it, as a mom always does.
So today I am catching up on some laundry, helped the girls clean up their rooms and trying to get back in my studio a bit. I am working on a 14x72 inch scarf so as you can imagine it is like having an elephant in the middle of my studio, so I am trying to make some progress so I can move around to do some other things. I really like how it is turning out. I have painted blue hydrangea blossoms on it and am now filling in the background, not sure where I will go from here but so far so good.


Amanda said...

ooooooh it looks FABULOUS! WANT!

basketsbyrose said...

Love what you have done so far, keep us updated on the finish product!

Rachel said...

Love your scarf! Sooo pretty!

It is so hard when a mom gets sick- yes, I totally know how the house will just fall down around you, and then the fun game of catch up when you finally feel better.