Monday, March 7, 2011


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I cleaned off my dresser which had become kind of a catch all of really things I didn't need. I have the most beautiful collection of pink depression glass given to me by my sweet mother in law. I have quite a collection of new and vintage jewelry, that was in boxes and not getting worn like it should, so it needed to be out. You can see the vintage magazine purse another great gift from a friend. The wreath above with the cream flowers are actual flowers from our wedding cake. The mirror on the wall is from Pennsylvania that I picked up at my husbands grandparents house, it was always fun they would let you scourge through their storage area and take what you want, found some cool treasures that way. Painting by me. Love flowers as you see. Doily was made by my great grandmother, I have a huge collection from her. You can see my favorite perfume right now, Gucci Envy. The dresser was 5 dollars at a garage sale, pulled it out of their garage, did minor repairs and painted it. The mirror on the dresser was a vintage find and is octagon. I love my dresser now, it makes me smile. It also has inspired me to decorate the rest of my house around the things that I love and already have. Will show you the inspiration soon for our bathroom.
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Amanda said...

love that depression glass - saw a lot at that antique show i went to. :)

Nicole's Homemade Treats...The Blog said...

Pretty - you should paint that mosaic!