Monday, August 8, 2011

Clothes Line

clothes lines
Originally uploaded by Bella Cosa Art
I have always loved images of clothes lines. So graphic and colorful and they can show up anywhere.
1. clothes line, 2. clothes line, 3. Clothes line, 4. Clothes Line - Helsinki - Finland, 5. Vernazza through my eyes, 6. The clothes line


Amanda said...

great theme! i love clothes blowing on the line!

basketsbyrose said...

Nothing is better then laundry out on the line!

Lynne said...

My Dad would have been 100 years old this year. He was a professional photographer, but he loved shooting particular scenes on his 'off-time'. Clothes lines were one of his favorites. Now that we have electric driers in our homes, you almost never see this anymore. I loved seeing your photos! Reminds me of the sweet smell of fresh air in the sheets and clothing my Mom used to hang up!