Tuesday, October 11, 2011

1 dollar box = Fantastic

So one day this summer, us as a family, were headed to a work BBQ. Not my favorite summer event but it turned out nice. On our way we decided to first stop off at what is known as the annual Creamery Picnic in Stevensville. It was ok, wasn't overly excited about the vendors, I always prefer to see local artisans, but this was mostly not that. They had some fun events for the kids, the coolest was making ice cream in a baggy, which is now something I want to incorporate into next summer's fun. (google ice cream in a bag or something like that) It was noisy and crowded and hot which made it a bit tough on my one daughter (she has Aspergers), she tried to be tolerant of those things but the balloons put her over the edge. So we had a few meltdowns and then spent some quality quiet time together in the van, which she was happy to do since I got her a new book, to ease the anxiety.
Well, anyway, we were off to the BBQ, it was quite a drive and as we were leaving town I saw a sale in a yard that was outside a antique store, so I got my hubby to make a quick stop, didn't even go in the store, just looked around outside. There were some nice things but since it was a shop they were priced higher but then I stumbled across a 1 dollar box, they are my favorite next to a free box. As you can see above I pulled out some great treasures, a vintage fringed skirt, I wore that the other day under a skirt so the fringe showed, quite fun even if I did shed fringe a lot, also 3 different styles and shades of vintage gloves (love), the greatest pair of vintage red pumps (love even more), seriously these are fantastic and fit perfect, the awesome little beaded shawl and lastly the pink feathered and flowered hat that makes the wearer resemble a wedding cake. These were quite the thrilling finds, so I happily paid my 7 dollars got back in the car and enjoyed the rest of the afternoon, hubby didn't even ask about my treasures, he prefers not to know. :)
Also do you notice the hot pink shaggy wool rug in the background, yes that was free too, got that from cleaning a friends garage. She had a pile in the corner of odds and ends, there was this rug and a white one (they are big) under some other rugs and comforters. We pulled out the pile and the top ones were awful and soon became garbage, I can't even tell you the smell but somehow these rugs were not bad, I pulled them out, they were a bit dirty and had fallen leaves on them but they didn't really smell, whew they were salvageable. So I took them to the laundry mat, ran them thru, of course putting too much soap in them and causing bubbles to fill the floor but they came clean. I laid them out to dry for a few days out side and then vacuumed them a ton and waaala two great big area floor rugs, they are fantastic and free.


Nicole's Homemade Treats...The Blog said...

Great finds! Nice pumps!!

SarahBowie said...

These photographed so well! Now you can paint them too :)