Thursday, October 13, 2011

I am in love with these bracelets. I have been selling these mostly locally and recently sold two custom ones, one very petite and one a little bigger. I have one I made for myself years ago and always get compliments on it and that is recently how I sold one, just by wearing mine. They are super sturdy and unique, no one is ever the same. I have had them in a few boutiques and right now they are in town where I rent my spot with other local artisans. They are fun to make, although a bit tedious and time consuming but always so fun to see how great they turn out. I make them in copper, silver or gold colored wire, I do though want to try one with all three of the metal tones together, I think that would be really nice. So far I mostly use the pearls but am soon going to be trying some different beads. They sell for 47 dollars if you are interested in a custom one for your self. Next I will be trying necklaces, something about the way the beads look as if they are floating is so pretty to me that I must try more.
P.S. As I was reading back over this a new idea popped in my head, to incorporate hand stamped charms with the beads. They could have names, dates, initials. That could be really cool. I would have to charge a bit extra for the charms, but I may give this a try.


KippysSoMature said...

:) lovely, lovely artistry and blog!

~Rachel~ said...

I love these- so so pretty. The charm idea would be a really cool touch!

Rachel Fenton said...

Look like the belong to a sea princess - gorgeous - so delicate looking.