Monday, October 10, 2011

An Ode to Summer

Where did the time go? It went so fast and our summer was so short. At least we made it a lovely one. I spent a lot of fun days with the kids and those are my most cherished. I know each summer will change and before I know it they will be gone, so I am looking to enjoy our family time together and make great memories. Next summer my son will be driving, ugh, so hard to believe.
So long endless summer days, you are missed already. Welcome fall, I hope you linger awhile before winter sets in our valley.


Rachel Fenton said...

We're just climbing out of winter into spring here in NZ - I love your photographs - always so vibrant.

Scary to think that the next time those hanging baskets are in flower your son will be driving! The seasons pass so quickly.

Mattos said...

Thanks for commenting Rachel. I think then it is a perfect time to move to New Zealand then, I heard it was gorgeous and had good fishing.
Also I hadn't thought about next time I hang the baskets he would be driving, double ugh