Thursday, October 27, 2011

Think Pink - Breast Cancer Awarness Month

I had the privilege to decorate another "pink" window. This time I helped display the inside along with painting the outside. Last year I had some notice, this year things got confused and I got notice at the very last minute, but it worked out well. It seems I work best under pressure and we got things done. Last year I did pink tulips which are easy peasy, but I wanted to come up with something different since my window also won last year some may remember and see I did the same thing twice. This year I did the window for the Stone Cottage, a new business in town where local artisans and craftspeople rent a spot to show their talents and sell their goods. It is under a year old and I was excited about doing the window because I hoped it would draw attention to it and be discovered by new folks, which would benefit us all.
So to finish the story, after receiving the email that the owners wanted to participate but it was such short notice they may not be able to, I replied to the email, of course we can do it, Monday afternoon, we will meet, I will paint the windows and then we will put the inside together, lickety split all before I pick my kid up for drivers ed. That is all it took. I grabbed a bunch of pink things I had around the house, we grabbed everything pink we had in the store from the vendors and it all came together.
The crown jewel, my window won second year in a row. Here are a few pictures to share. It is so fun to do and it is a great cause. So whatever you can do this month, if it is giving money or raising awareness by some kind of generous act, please do your part.

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