Monday, November 7, 2011

The leg warmer craze continues....

Now that cold weather has crept in again, ugh, I have already gotten out my recycled, felted wool. My friend and I made french press coffee cozies last week. Soon I will be making another pair of the best, warmest slippers in the world, this time with suede bottoms so I can't wear them out so fast.
For the first time I have been selling some of my goods that I have been making out of the recycled sweaters. A little over a month ago, at the first sign of cold weather, I took some leg warmers and arm warmers down to the shop where I rent a spot. I am so happy to report that I sold two pairs so far. yipee I am so glad that someone else loves them as much as me, well, actually not sure if that is possible, they probably just really liked them, as for me I am mildly obsessed. I am so excited I can be wearing mine again, I wear them with dresses, with pants, with tights, with leggings, tucked in the top of boots, they are really the best. Of course too some are smaller and they make the best arm warmers, they keep the wind from going up your sleeves, they are great for 3/4 length sleeves and you can cut a thumb hole in them for extra warmth on your hand. I really can't get enough of either of them and they become even cuter and irresistible with hand embroidery on them.
Here are some pictures of what I had. If you are interested in any for yourself shoot me a note. Right now I am just selling them locally but if there is some demand I can also put some in my shop.


~Rachel~ said...

These are really cute. I've about decided that the only reason to live in a land as cold as we do is for the winter clothes. Love cute warm things to be bundled up in!

The Belly Dancer said...

I love leg warmers and could use a pair right now! New follower!