Friday, February 18, 2011

One of my favorite moments of the week

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Hmmm, maybe I should have a Favorites Friday and post a favorite moment from my week.
Anyway, in another stressful week, this was a moment that was fun. My girls and I made this cake. Favorite color being purple and one loving sprinkles it came out pretty. They both like to watch cake boss and my youngest just got a play dough cake making set, she spent hours decorating and serving us play dough cakes. I tried to make a pastry bag for the purple frosting but it didn't work too well but it was fun anyway. So here it is a moment that makes me smile.

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Creative space

silk hydrangea scarf
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So I finished painting the scarf. It has now dried for over 24 hours and is ready to dye set. This is a done with water and a special dye set solution, I have to wash it in the solution for 5 minutes, then rinse well. I then let it partially dry and iron while damp. It is now wearable, hand washable, at this point they become quite sturdy.
This is one of the favorites I have done, it looks very much like a watercolor painting and the colors are pretty.
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Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Tangle Love

Not trying to get to deep or anything, but I thought I might share my painting experience yesterday.
I have not been up to doing much creatively lately, first of all I caught a flu bug that seems to want to linger and recur into different things. Also I have had a few stressful life moments recently and some issues I am trying to solve that takes my brain out of creative realm.
So the other day I thought I would get some brown paper sacks ready for Eco Art projects so that when the mood struck I would be ready. I am wanting to paint more abstracts as I enjoy painting them and pushing those boundaries and I also enjoy looking at them. As I started this piece the plan was abstract grass and colors and swirls. After the first few strokes though I saw a heart forming and went from there and it became less about grass and more about feelings. The new title became Tangled Love. These are the thoughts that started going through my head. As we go through life and love there are so many complexities, there is darkness and light, there is withering and regrowth, merges and overlaps, changes in direction. Life isn't always what you think or dream it to be but regardless it continues to happen to you. The painting is quite simple and I am not sure if you can see these things in it but I can and that is what I was thinking as I painted.
Nothing was really resolved from painting it, I don't feel an overwhelming sense of painting therapy, but maybe it will help me in the end, grasp some of the things I am feeling, take ownership and make better where I can.
I definitely know myself to be a mood dresser and find it very hard to pack, but it seems maybe that I have opened up a new part of me that is creating based more on mood. Something to think about or maybe not, we will leave that to be seen.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Can you tell I love color?

Color of my kitchen
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Sneak peek into my home. Those of you who know me and my art probably won't be surprised by this picture. My love of color is apparent in pretty much everything I do, wear and create.
While down loading photos I found this picture on my camera, I am suspecting one of my children. Happy find.

Monday, February 14, 2011


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1. Sewing machine..., 2. sew, 3. Sew Fine, 4. sewing ttv

Created with fd's Flickr ToysFor some odd reason I thought I would sew a dress. I bought the fabric and pattern to make a versatile Uniform Project dress. I used to sew quite a bit but because of the frustration factor gave it up. I do think that was the best choice, can you hear the frustration in my typing because it has all rushed back in. I am first sewing a dress out of another fabric, hoping that I can have it all figured out by the time I sew with the good fabric, but at this moment I am thinking of scrapping the one that I am close to finishing and seeing if I can find a seamstress to sew my dress.
Not sure how this will turn out... keep you posted.

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