Friday, March 18, 2011

What I am doing right now...

As usual I have 50 million things going on....but have decided right now I am going to sew. I purchased two bags of zippers at a estate sale this summer. Now these were not some ordinary bags, but two large bags full of probably over 200 great colored zippers. I have finally dived in and separated them by size. With the smallest ones I am making makeup type bags out of them. The first one I gave to my mama for her trip to visit grandma, the second I gave to her to take to my dear cousin who is getting married. They are so bright and fun, I thought it would be great to be thought of each time they use them. So now I am making three for me, since I have two girls I decided at least three was a must. I want to get the machine off the kitchen table so I am going to try to finish them now. I will show you pictures soon, until then here is where I started this weekend.