Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Get your Hats and Horses Ready...It's Kentucky Derby Time

In honor of the Kentucky Derby this weekend, I thought I would reminisce about horses. I grew up with horses and riding. My dad still has horses, he is also my neighbor and while I don't ride much I still like to go over and pet them now and again, in fact my dad just had two foals, one of them is so friendly she is more like a puppy dog. My daughter who has aspergers has always loved them and did equine therapy for a few years, which I think was very beneficial. I also have a very fond memory of going to the horse races with my grandmother, we dressed up, sat behind the glass and had a glorious lunch together rooting for our favorite horses based on looks and colors they were wearing. Funny how certain things are a part of your life and come in and out. Now I also enjoy photographing them and painting them. In honor of horses and this weekend here are a few recent horse paintings I hope you will enjoy.