Monday, January 2, 2012

Something I made

Just a little post of something I made a bit ago. I thought I should post something even though I didn't get started on the first it is pretty close being only the second. Of course again I am trying to post more and since it is a new year and it seems we always try to do things we have always wanted to do, here goes one of them, blogging more.
So I am always trying to figure out a cool hand made gift for someone who always says they don't need or want anything but on the other hand would do anything for you. So they finally told me they would like some of my stationary that I make out of my paintings. Well of course I could let it rest there so I went through some things I had on hand and made a little stationary pouch to hold the cards in. I thought it turned out so cute.


Tania Cavenecia Torres said...

Very cute, you should definitely list these in your shop !

Amanda said...

Too cute! Definitely list these & maybe business card size ones too! Or keep the sides open & add a few inside pages to make needle holder booklets! So many possibilities!