Sunday, April 29, 2012

Surprise Commission

This past week I heard from a friend I had lost touch with, she has a friend in need of an art piece quickly. She had tried to contact me on facebook but I didn't see it right away so by the time I contacted her and we finalized the idea with her and the client it was already Tuesday afternoon, she needed it Thursday morning before her flight to where she would give it to her friend. I already had plans that evening so just had a little time to draw out the design on Tuesday and it had to wait until the next day for completion. She gave me the colors and a photo of how to write a name in Hebrew. An idea quickly formed in my brain and the painting just worked. I always have ideas in my head for paintings but it is rare for me to actually get that exact idea on the canvas ( don't tell anyone but I am a much better painter in my head ) anyway this one came together nicely and easily. I am very happy with the results and I have come to find out my friend is too and so is her friend the actual client. So great outcome for all. Thanks friend for thinking of me.

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