Monday, June 11, 2012

Silk scarf blouse

A bit ago I saw the how to to make silk scarf blouses. I had to try since I had many in my collection and I have always loved the graphics and prints of them what better way could there be but to enjoy them as a blouse. so I started off with two and now I am up to five. Some scarves I pay as little as 25 cents most I pay 4 dollars for. We have a second hand store in town that always has a full trunk for $4. They let me rummage through and lay them all out on the ground so I can match them up and pick and choose, it is really fantastic fun. I will document the process in the near future.
I am in love with my new blouses and can't get enough of them. They will be a staple part of my wardrobe that I am packing for California as they are cool and pack up so light weight and small They receive many compliments because all the prints are so amazing. I am always in love with blouses, well all clothes from Anthropologie but definitely don't have the budget or does my real life woman figure always match up. I find though that half of the appeal of Anthro is the beautiful unique prints and the vintage vibe. Which I can totally get from my 4 dollar scarves. The other great thing is the fit is always perfect and they hide the dreaded post baby bump (yes I know my last is 7 but cut me some slack, I had three big babies in a barely 5'2 body).
So this is kind of a dual post. One it shows what I am doing creatively and second I want to add a fashion segment to my blog. The second part is harder for me because it involves pictures of myself but I know how much I enjoy seeing interesting things others put together so I hope you will enjoy what I put together. Please excuse the photography this segment is a work in progress.
Ok so this is the largest of my blouses and can be worn belted or as a flowy tunic. Both these scarves are from Italy and the graphics are stunning they were going on my wall until they made their way into a blouse.
Oh and I almost forgot, the pants and shoes were both bought locally, on sale of course. I live in a rather small town and as a selling local artist I like to support local as much as I can. The pants are a bit funky with funny little abstract pockets on the side. The shoes are Pikolinos one of my favorite brands and certainly deserve their own picture. The necklace and earrings were created by me.

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